Photo Walk #1 – The Continuation









Pictures from the first walk along Arab Street (Singapore, of course). I really enjoyed myself that day. Was taking L’s (L is the BF) camera around and it was really heavy! But nothing I couldn’t manage of course. I will learn to pack light and carry less nonsense of my own though so that I don’t become a hunchback.

I took pictures of people around too but I didn’t feel like it’s appropriate to put them up. But it was a real learning process. L showed me the different controls and how they affect the picture taken.

I really have so much more to learn.

Aside from just taking photos, I still need to learn to edit. I only used some presets from Lightroom here and cropped a bit but I think I need to know a whole lot more.



Photo Walk #1




I used to go around taking photos on my point n shoot (Canon and Fuji) a lot. I used to roam around and take pictures of all kinds of things. I would make the effort to photoshop most of them even though I hardly knew photoshop.

Work caught up with me and all that just went away. For 4 years.

Lots changed. I used to blog with such ferocity, at least 1 every 2 days and sometimes multiple posts a day. I used to review all kinds of foods on many websites. I used to go on foodie outings. I used to loiter around cafes and take all kinds of pictures. I used to play Diablo, Warcraft and all sorts of games. I used to make jewellery in my free time and sell them because they were just cluttering the house.

Those were the days.

And I’m now working hard to go back in time.

This photo is proof. My first pic from the first photo walk.



Müller vs Messi? Nah.

I see this going around a bit. How Ronaldo carries Spain, Neymar carries Brazil and Messi carries Argentina. But Müller and Germany? I don’t think so. And I wish people would stop saying that. Germany has a team.

Have you seen how Germany planned to scout and train young talents?

Click here to read it.

That said, Messi is amazing.

All the best both. May the best team win. ♥


I love how the analysts/commentators are so excited they are beginning to argue. ♥

NCPG vs Germany in World Cup?


In case you still don’t know (in that case I have no idea where you’ve been), Singapore’s National Council on Problem Gambling featured an ad on a couple of boys discussing about the World Cup. The boy in the ad hoped for Germany to win.

Well in view of the trashing last night, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Germany does. I wonder what NCPG will do then. The entire campaign has backfired on them. It’s more like gamble more now, but get tips from NCPG for the winner.

The internet memes are getting out of hand. (But I’m still having fun reading them.)



Well now even Jimmy Fallon has done a spoof on them

The things Singapore is famous for. *facepalm*


A bitter sweet post really.

I’m at a certain junction. Or I was yesterday. Today I’m more determined to go one way than remain on the path I’ve been for the last ten years, hence this blog.

Interestingly I’m currently doing what I’ve always wanted to do since I was 12. I teach. 

Teaching had always been a joy. I loved interacting with the pupils. I loved the challenges we face. I love (still do) my colleagues. I loved creating and recreating, reviewing and reflecting.

But in the past 3 years, everything has taken its toll. I shan’t dwell too much on what has happened but I really feel that this really isn’t my calling anymore. And any idiot knows that teaching is really about passion (unless you’re the sort who is really in it for the money but there really isn’t much and it’s a totally different story.)

With passion dying, I think I’m going elsewhere for a bit. Maybe for a top-up. 

What say you?

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