Photo Walk #1




I used to go around taking photos on my point n shoot (Canon and Fuji) a lot. I used to roam around and take pictures of all kinds of things. I would make the effort to photoshop most of them even though I hardly knew photoshop.

Work caught up with me and all that just went away. For 4 years.

Lots changed. I used to blog with such ferocity, at least 1 every 2 days and sometimes multiple posts a day. I used to review all kinds of foods on many websites. I used to go on foodie outings. I used to loiter around cafes and take all kinds of pictures. I used to play Diablo, Warcraft and all sorts of games. I used to make jewellery in my free time and sell them because they were just cluttering the house.

Those were the days.

And I’m now working hard to go back in time.

This photo is proof. My first pic from the first photo walk.




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