A Wedding! – My First Time


I shan’t say I was “shooting”  a wedding because that sounds really professional. I just took some pictures at a friend’s wedding with a really big camera.

I was really grateful for the chance to take pictures at an event. I wasn’t the main photographer of course (she had 3) so I was really there to play. It was really fun and mildly embarrassing at points. I did learn many things though…

1) Jostling for space

There were 3 main photographers and 2 videographers (I think) and along with all the other 30+++ people who want a photo of the couple, it wasn’t easy to get a good spot without blocking the main people. I wanted to make sure I was never in the main photographers’ way and yet I wanted really good spots! So I did end up with a number of really awkward shots (which I deleted of course). It did, however, forced me to take from different angles and I was quite satisfied with some.


2) Lighting

This one was a killer. I had been to the same venue many years back and the lighting was pretty good so when the BF told me that his flash was not working and I had to go without one I just shrugged it off and told him it was fine. BOY was I wrong! The lighting was really poor and most of the time I was taking at F2.8, ISO3200!! Thank goodness it’s a fullframe cam so the noise was not that bad though it was still bad. There were MANY pictures I couldn’t take because there were corners that weren’t even lit at all. There were these live singers sitting in a really dark corner next to the stage and that was impossible to take pictures of. In addition to that, the lights in the room kept turning from fuschia to green to blue. So at some point or another, the guests looked like they were from Shrek, Avatar or Guardians of the Galaxy. Ugh. Always be prepared for bad lighting. ALWAYS.


3) Metering – one of the million things to remember

Being new to all this (obviously), I had to remember to adjust a number of things and one of the things I kept forgetting was metering. I adjusted it to single point and for most part of the wedding, I forgot to turn it back! DUH! I kept wondering why the pictures were turning out a certain way and didn’t think of changing the metering back to full. Silly to the max. I need more practice practice practice.


4) What I was wearing

Ok. This sounds a little bimbotic but I realised how much it mattered. I wanted to be able to blend in like a guest (with a big camera) and yet I had to be comfortable enough to take pictures. I had to tiptoe, squat, kneel. I had to go through my wardrobe for something not too short, not too tight not too revealing and formal enough for the event. That’s a tough call for a girl. I wore a black dress which went over my knees in the end and managed the survive the night without flashing anyone. Shoes were a bit of a problem too. I needed good comfortable flats which I could run around in and yet they had to look nice. I ended up in my frumpy flats which made me feel frumpy all night. The excitement of the night did keep me from thinking too much about my shoes but it certainly didn’t help that everyone was really dressed up for this particular wedding. Note to self: Buy a pair of pretty, comfortable flats.


It was a great first experience really and I’m looking forward to my next one at the end of the year!



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