A Blissful Wedding



Alone but not lonely


Took this shot of an old man sleeping outside a busy shopping mall. I snuck there to take this shot but now on hindsight I think I couldn’t have possibly woken him up because there were so many people walking around him and shouting all sorts of things. I was really afraid that he would wake and smack me though.

Another Wedding – the 2nd


I was so grateful for another chance to take pictures at another wedding. This time it was my best friend who asked her friend if she minded having a mad woman run around, snapping pics.

This is the first time I used a flash!! Well second time actually. I tried it out the day before I actually needed it and just went to the wedding after a 30 min briefing from the bf. You can completely imagine what a mess I was. I got there really early to figure out the lighting and to see if I needed to use flash in the church, only to be told later that only the main photographer is allowed to use flash (rightfully so of course). The church was relatively dark whereas the reception was quite bright but the lighting was horribly orange. So I turned on the flash to cut out the orange ambient light in the reception but I had turned up the flash too much. UGH and I didn’t know until much later. Silly me.

Well, still, it was a really great experience and I’m really looking forward to more.

I know I can.


*Picture of my waist measurement – in case you can’t figure it out

About this time last year, I decided I had enough. I had enough of all the body aches and unexplained sharp pains that would just shoot through my body from my hip all the way to the neck. Those pains could leave me immobilised for minutes. I had enough of the huge painful abrasions I get on my inner thighs after wearing a skirt for an entire day. They could get so painful I couldn’t walk for a bit. I had enough of panting like mad just walking up 3 flights of stairs. Work had taken over my life for 3 years and it was slowly but surely killing me.

I started taking time to exercise. Be it a run on the treadmill or an exercise video, I exercised 4-5 times a week. I told myself I had to do it. I just had to if I didn’t want to feel so sick anymore. I watched what I ate and counted calories but I didn’t diet. I didn’t eat a single salad because I know I would never be able to keep it up. I still had my chocolates every day but I watched how much I ate.

It was tough. I GAINED 7kg (which is about 15 pounds) in the first 2 months. My clothes fit the same but the scale was really scaring me. Then I decided to keep doing it but stop weighing myself. I kept telling myself it was muscle mass it was muscle mass. When I was much younger, in my teens, I had taken so many diet pills and been on so many crash diets that I was anorexic for a while so my body was wrecked and my metabolism was at an all time low. My body muscle ratio was really low thanks to the lack of exercise this past decade. So I had to keep telling myself it’s all 7kg of muscle.

Soon I began to feel good. I felt stronger. A little fitter. But it still wasn’t easy. It took about 6 months before the clothes really began to get loose. It took 8 months before the people at work noticed.

This week, some 11 months after I started, I took up the measuring tape for the first time since that first measurement….. and this is the result.

It’s not where I want to be yet, but I’m proud of myself. Really.