Canon Photomarathon 2014

_DSC0242 _DSC0262 _DSC0295It was my first time joining the Canon Photomarathon 2014. This is the 12th time they have had it and I’ve always wanted to join but never had the chance to.

For those who don’t know, the Photomarathon is a photography competition that challenges photographers to submit photos straight from the camera. A theme is given in the morning and participants have 3 hours to shoot and submit ONE photo from the camera. Then a second theme will be given and a third one 3 hours later. It really tests creativity, skills and resourcefulness. It was a lot of fun but extremely tiring really.

I’m not used to shooting according to a theme so it was really hard for me but it was fun doing it and looking at what others did. Some of the work was really amazing.

I’ve learnt a whole lot taking part and I’m really glad I did. Some of the things I’ve learnt I must pay more attention to…..

1) My camera settings – UGH I’m such a noob at this that I’m constantly baffled by my own images, wondering why they aren’t turning out the way I want them when my shutter speed / aperture / ISO / metering settings are off. *DUH*

2) Perspective and angles – It’s just so easy to take a shot at eye level but that hardly produces any interesting shots. And it’s not just taking the shot from different angles but to look for different perspectives to take from to create leading lines or just something more interesting. So I’ve got to learn to tiptoe, climb, squat and crawl.

3) Framing – Shooting through things can make a photo so much more interesting sometimes and I really got to try it more.

4) Rules of thirds (and breaking the rule) – Rules of thirds can be made more interesting with leading lines to the subject. *REMEMBER THIS ME.*

5) Reflections – I’m seriously bad at this. Even if it’s staring at me in the face in the form of puddles, glass, glossy surfaces… Reflections can seriously be so interesting and can really turn an entire photo around.

6) Use of space – I think that’s important. But it’s often easy to want to clutter the photo with lots of things, losing the focus at the same time. Space space space…

Well, whatever it is, practice makes perfect!


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