I love learning!

I signed up for a few photography workshops… just to properly learn the basics. I do know some stuff really and I know the terms the instructor, Elliot, was bringing up but I wanted to know things in a more structured manner I guess. I’m that kind of book person.

Of course, during this time I have been watching videos and signing up for courses online and such so I have been trying to pick up as much as I can. But physically attending a course with other people is just SOOOO exciting! I love the discussions and all and I don’t feel so embarrassed because everyone there is new as well.

So I had my second workshop on Saturday and we were given themes to shoot. But the place we were in was so awesome I went off track and just took pictures of everything else. *duh*

I did still managed my assignment but I shall only put them up later. Here’s some of what I took.

_DSC1235 _DSC1230 _DSC1206 _DSC1204


I’m just looking forward to more!


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